Services & Details

Why Intuitive Therapy?


Conscious intuitive ability is the natural result of a deep and attentive listening to our most sacred selves. 
Through the use of this perceptual sense, unconscious information may be brought to the conscious mind, expediting inner-awareness within the healing process.

A variety of techniques may be used to support and enhance your sessions including body awareness meditation, guided imagery, expressive arts techniques and breath work.



Valerie's clinical background encompasses a variety of common mental conditions and treatment issues including depression, anxiety, grief & loss, relationships, work challenges, and life transitions.

Specialty areas include:

  • Screening/Diagnosis/Treatment of peripartum mental illness (PPD)
  • Parenting Challenges
  • Energetic Healing Modalities (including EFT & TAPAS)
  • LGBTQ Support & Resources

Rates & Insurance


Healing Therapies is a private pay practice. Out-of-network therapy services may be covered by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Insurance plans differ considerably. Please check your coverage  benefits. 

Detailed invoices are readily available for submission and reimbursement purposes. 

Sessions range in price from $90-$175.

See the online scheduling link for details.





What our fans are saying


Megan, 26 years

"...from the moment you walk into her office, you feel like you are with a wise, non-judgmental friend...We all need to have someone to affirm our humanity; Valerie does that and more."

Marcus, 39 years

 "Every time I leave her office, I've gained some kind of new insight about what's been holding me back in my life and where I want to's been an incredible experience..."

Erica, 63 years

 "I enjoy Valerie's openness and she's so welcoming...reminding me that I really can overcome. She's like my cheerleader!...After my sessions, I feel connected; like I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to."

Sarina, 49 years

 "It is so peaceful...she is truly concerned about her clients. As she helps others who are struggling, here she is trying to balance her own business and family life, doing the same things that we are...we are all just human and doing our best with our struggles. I feel very fortunate to have someone to really help me with mine."

Jackie, 36 years

"It's inspirational to know that she survived [her own Postpartum Depression] and is happy now as we can also be with her help...I feel better just knowing this is not who I AM or my fault. It's something I'm having to deal with but it's treatable."

Thomas, 47 years

 "When I came to see Valerie I felt so insecure. I've let some of that go now. There are ways she understands me that I've never felt before. It's a relief to know I have support from someone who's so non-judgmental."