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Live Radiantly

  • Do you sometimes feel off-course?
  • Do you want to be deeply understood?  
  • Is it ever a struggle to find contentment and security? 
  • Has life become more often depleting then energizing?

You can feel better.

Intuitive Psychotherapy

Environmental and societal experiences can have a toxic impact on emotional well-being. Few of us have been offered the skills to navigate our worlds comfortably while deeply connecting with our own highest wisdom. It's understandable then, to find ourselves struggling. 

There is a way to greater balance and peace.

Intuitive healers have the ability to integrate additional levels of meaningful information into the clinical therapy process. Peruse our website for more information.

An Eclectic Treatment Model

Treatment is tailored for your individual needs and comfort level. Though primarily based in traditional talk therapy, your therapist may also make use of body awareness imagery, breathing exercises and incorporate expressive arts techniques. We will work together to: 

  • Clarify your vision for living your best, most purposeful life
  • Identify emotional & psychological blocks currently inhibiting this vision
  • Explore an array of techniques to honor and release restrictive habits
  • Learn to establish healthy energetic boundaries and extend your own intuitive awareness

I want to hear about your situation and challenges. Let's see if I can help. 

Call me at 410-465-8687 or use our online scheduling tab (in the circle above) for your FREE 10-MINUTE CONSULT or find a session opening and get started right away.

*Healing Therapies is a private pay practice. Please see the "services" page for more information or contact your insurance company to learn about your out-of-network benefits.